Frequently Asked Questions

1Is there a registration/membership fee?
Yes, there is a yearly membership fee of $25 per school year payable at the time of registration. We give priority to siblings that are currently enrolled at KIDS Co-op.
2What is the cost?
Preschool Full Day - $42.00/Day Toddler Half Day - $22.00/Day
3What documents are required at registration?
In order to register please complete our application package, and submit it with two copies of your child's immunization record, a completed Public Health Immunization Information Form (provided by us) and your $25 registration fee.
4How does payment work?
KIDS Co-op offers two convenient payment options E-Transfer or Post Dated Cheques. Program Fees are due on the 1st (first) day of each month. A calculating calendar is available to help you determine your program fees. If you select EMT you will receive an invoice via email one week prior to the invoice due date. EMT Payment instructions can be found in the Parent Orientation Handbook Our school year runs from September- June following the Bluewater District School Board calendar, with the exception of PA Days, where KIDS Co-op remains open. Tax receipts will be available at the school at the end of January.
5What is the policy regarding allergies?
KIDS Co-op is committed to taking a pro-active position regarding prevention of anaphylaxis. We are a peanut/nut free school. A list of ALL allergies will be posted.
6Does my child have to be potty trained?
No, children develop at their own rate, and when they show signs of readiness, we will work with you to help encourage children to use the toilet
7Who provides diapers and wipes?
Parents are asked to provide diapers and wipes. We do ask that an extra set of clothes (underwear, socks, shirt, pants) be kept in the child's backpack.
8Is the playground checked for safety?
Yes, playground checks are conducted daily, monthly, and yearly by staff.
9Do you offer outside playtime?
Each day, weather permitting, children enjoy outdoor play. Learning to run, jump, balance, and take turns is a healthy way to participate in group activities while developing coordination and strength.
10How does my child learn at KIDS Co-op?
Children learn through play, communication, co-operation, and sharing. Our programs allow your child to play, learn, and socialize in a warm and caring environment.
11Can you tell me about the curriculum?
The emergent curriculum is planning the focus of learning or what happens in the classroom, as a result of interaction between teachers and children. Emergent curriculum is socially and intellectually engaging and personally meaningful to children. Our emphasis is focused on developing social skills, problem solving skills, fostering independence and building a foundation for lifelong learning
12What is the ratio?
In the Toddler program the teacher to child ratio is 1:5. In the Preschool Program the teacher to child ratio is 1:8.
13Can my child start at any time during the school year?
Children can start anytime of the year, depending on availability in the program.
14Are snacks included?
YES! A snack is included in our Half Day program, and two snacks and lunch is included in our Full Day program. A full menu will be posted on the Parent Information Board. If there are any questions or concerns about menu items please speak to a staff member.
15Do you want more Information?
Please read through our Parent Handbook to find answers to specific questions and information regarding our policies, or contact us through Facebook, email, or phone.